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About Us

Welcome to LEZA online store. We collect the best quality shaving products and offer them to you with the best prices.

Here you can find modern, straight and safety razors, different types of shaving brushes, razor blades, all types of shaving stands, wide variety of shaving creams, soaps, gels, foams, aftershaves, lotions, balms and useful shaving accessories, such as strops and lather bowls.

LEZA is located in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. We started our business in the middle of 2011, when realized, that our citizens couldn`t order any decent shaving supplies, except junky Gillette canned foams and similar stuff. At the same time, whole European Union already was filled with soaps, creams and other quality products from famous companies, such as Proraso, Dovo, Thiers-Issard etc. So, when you had alternatives, such as straight and safety razors, ukrainians could only find overpriced modern shaving systems, like Fusion and Proglide, that was constantly advertised on TV.

Today we are proud to say, that situation is changed – not only you have alternatives there, but price is lower then in any other shaving shop that we found over the whole world. Now we sell products in any other country on Earth, so you check it yourself.

You can consult about any products you are interested in, using Online Help. Our specialists will do their best to choose the most suitable shaving goods for you. If you are not sure which shaving brush to buy, which skin type you have, or what blades are compatible with your razor, just press the red button on the right side of your screen and ask your question.


Call us

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10-18 (UTC+02:00)

Though we are located in Ukraine, we will gladly contact you and deliver any products to other countries.


We are constantly updating our store with new products to meet the demand of all shavers.

If you have any suggestions on products range, articles, delivery and payment terms or other issues, please feel free to contact us.

As we are developing our own shaving accessories, we will be happy to hear your ideas of what design or functionality would you like to see.

For Distributors

Please, contact us if you are interested in selling our goods. We will make you special offer, which will suite your need.