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Shaving Scuttle $25.00

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Shaving scuttle
Shaving scuttleShaving bowlShaving bowlShaving bowl


380 g (13.4 oz)
136 mm (5.35 in)
77 mm (3 in)
120 mm (4.7 in)
60 mm (2.36 in)
325 ml (11 oz)

Brand: VMVM

Shaving scuttle is our second product created to fulfill our dream: accomplish truly comfortable, easy and fast shaving.

What makes this scuttle stand out primarily is the presence of the special pattern on its sides and at the bottom. Thereby the speed of foam whipping with a shaving brush is significantly increased.

Other noticeable aspects are the particular qualities of the product’s shape: its sides are narrowing upwards at a steep angle to prevent the foam from splashing around the bathroom during whipping. The special handle form allows its user to hold the bowl safely and comfortably.


  • Special pattern significantly increases speed of foam whipping
  • Inner holder is made to store and simplify lathering of hard shaving soap
  • Vertical sealed side edges prevent splashing and heat loss
  • Fire-resistant ceramics may also be used in a microwave
  • High-quality handmade product at a reasonable price — this scuttle is truly unique
  • Avaliable colors: dark blue, black, green, white, indigo

An additional inner holder is designed to keep a piece of hard soap — holding and lathering of such soaps was the main purpose of scuttles in the past. Alternatively, this holder may be used for cream lathering, as it`s also decorated with the additional pattern.

The bowl is additionally weighted, therefore because of its comfortable long handle it can be placed in the washbasin with hot water, so you would enjoy a pleasant shave and warm foam.

The scuttle’s characteristics may vary slightly since our bowls are handmade. Each product is truly unique and will be a great gift to yourself or your acquaintances.

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