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Best Badger Brush $21.00

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Shaving Brush
Best Badger
49 mm
22 mm
45 mm
100 mm

Brand: Frank ShavingFrank Shaving

This FS badger shaving brush will be the best choice either for beginner or for man, who has been facing uncountable amount of shaving items.

The shaving brushes, produced by well-known brand "Frank Shaving", have already been rewarded by Americans and Europeans for their high quality. And we are completely sure, that you'll also appreciate all profits of this purchase.

We can claim that the features of Best badger bristle are much better than the Pure badger's ones. What's more? - The hairs of given brush are able to absorb water fully; and for sure, they're softer and smoother than Pure badger fabric.

Don't forget to notice! Disregard, if once you obtained complete disappointment, buying "badger" shaving brush. Since it's more than possible, that you got brush fitted with cheap synthetic fibers or «Pure badger». Such brushes have a lot of common touches with the boar's ones. And alas, due to the irregularities in the procedure, alike stuff can trigger terrible feelings during your shaving.

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