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Omega Chromed 10048 $9.10

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Omega Professional Shaving Brush buy
Omega Professional Shaving Brush buy
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Shaving brush
Boar Bristle
66 mm
28 mm
133 mm

Brand: OmegaOmega

Professional series of shaving brushes "Omega" have been deservedly rewarded by all Europeans for their absolute profits. "Omega" has become a favorite shaving item of professional masters not only from European countries, but from each part of the world, as almost any shaving professional recommends them as high quality goods for low prices.

Given shaving brush model is the perfect choice for men, that prefer a peeling massage before shaving. Boar bristle is much harder, than badger one, and provides an excellent peeling effect. During usage of boar bristle, its hairs start to split, that makes shaving brush more and more soft. As a result, you will get much huger volume of the loft, and at last - you'll receive a good and dense lather.

Chromed handle of the brush has a perfect shape for the most comfortable whipping either cream or soap. Loft is made with rather long bristle's hairs, that support better lathering on the face skin.

Take a note! Since the shaving brush is made with a natural bristle, it's quite rigid and has rather peculiar smell. But don't worry about this, cause during the two-months of using, mentioned fragrance will disappear and bristle will become much softer.

Don't forget! Wash up the brush to remove the foam's traces after each shave, then dry up the loft in down direction after shaking off water drops. These simple rules, surely, will help you to extend an effective life of your shaving brush.

List of the comments:

2015-04-28 08:12
1) Good brush, but this description needs a photo with this model, encircled with other brushes and some objects, otherwise – it`s hard to understand how big loft is, therefore – someone with a little palm may buy it and ask for return.


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