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Proraso Gel $8.70

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Shaving gel
For dry skin
150 ml
Defensil, vitamins A, E and Aloe Vera
Does not require foaming

Brand: ProrasoProraso

Since 1920  Proraso has been creating men's grooming items. But in fact for last hundred years the pace of life has changed. Not every modern person can afford a sufficient amount of time for daily shaving.

Do you recognize yourselves in the previous sentence? Hence an innovation shaving gel of series Sul Filo del Rasoio will fit you perfectly. Unlike traditional creams, gel designed for immediate application to the face without having to use a shaving brush.

Characteristics of composition:

  • No silicon products;
  • No mineral oils;
  • High concentrations of vitamins A, E and Aloe Vera extract;
  • Defensil - reduces the risk of allergic reaction appearing;
  • Due to the large number of moisturizers, this gel perfectly suits to dry skin.

Gel has a level of neutral pH and possesses Lubricant excellent properties, allowing the razor to slide with extreme ease. In addition, composition is rich with moisturizers, therefore given shaving gel is perfect for the owners of dry bristles.

Another huge advantage of this gel is the lack of undue foaming and virtually complete transparency, so you'll immediately see what areas of face need to be shaved one more time.

Unfortunately, for the production of shaving gels one still partially uses potentially allergenic components, since there is no any substitute for them in the nature. Directly for this reason previously you couldn't book a shaving gel at our online-shop:  in spite of their great demand, the composition of the tested gels didn't satisfy us.

Even though composition is not ideal, but the new gel by Proraso is head and shoulders above today's top shaving gels. A large number of moisturizers, vitamins, Aloe and Defensil give a positive effect (at our shop Leza nobody of the tested employees had any skin problems for 4 months using :) . So, if you're going to buy very real shaving gel - a novelty of the Italian company is definitely the best possible choice.

List of the comments:

Christofer Wickmark
2017-04-09 21:33
All those foams and gels remind me fast coffee powder like Nescafe. They all have one common feature - being good only for a shelf in Walmart.


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