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Straight Razor Strop $22.00

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Bull leather strop for straight razors
3" (76 mm)
26" (660 mm)
Premium quality leather

Brand: VMVM


Leza Shaving strop is our latest creation, devoloped in collaboration with American company and experts of razor`s honing and stropping from Norway, France, Russia and the United States.


  • Genuine linen 100% — the best material for stropping in pair with leather
  • Horween smoothness — additional polishing and waxing gives our strop smooth qualities of famous precious Horween Leather
  • Best leather — for what we know, there are no other strops with finer Bull Leather than ours, even if its cost is higher than $100
  • Tremendous width — strop will be comfortable for any razor and both experts and beginners of stropping process
  • Truly the Best Price — no extra charges from middleman, we manufacture and sell our products directly to you

Whole process of creation lasted almost a year, two important stages needed its time. The first one was discussion and construction of ideal proportions (especially its width) with subsequent tests. The second and the hardest trial was search and examination of selected leathers from all over the world.

Search of needed materials took a lot more time than expected (during this time we have tested around 100 samples of different leathers!) because each element, including screws with double layer of nickel, were thoroughly selected by us.

In return, now we are truly proud to have shaving strops among our items, as for you — you can get premium quality handcrafted product for a truly modest price.

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