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Gold Dollar 208 $19.30

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buy Straight razor Frank Shaving Gold Dollar 208
buy Straight razor Frank Shaving Gold Dollar 208buy Straight razor Frank Shaving Gold Dollar 208Straight razor Frank Shaving Gold Dollar 208 buy
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plastic with carbon pattern
carbon steel
straight razor
Straight Razor

Brand: Frank ShavingFrank Shaving

Without an exaggeration, straight razor Gold Dollar 208 is one of the most popular and best-selling series of straight razors due to the low price and decent quality.

Gold dollar 208  is the fourth razor of this series. It differs from its predecessors with best processed blade and several improvements in design, such as a double stabilizing part in the area of connection of a cutting part with a razor neck.

Warning! The razor is pre-sharpened at the factory. Such grinding is not enough for a perfect shave, but the cutting edge of the blade is much sharper than the most kitchen knives. So be careful while unpacking the razor.

The blade is made of carbon steel. This fact makes positive impact on ease of grinding and sharpness of the cutting edge. Note that carbon steel shouldnt have a long lasting contact with water, which creates rust on the blade.

Also, at the "tail"(neck) part of the razor there are transverse notches (for better control while shaving), which prevent fingers from slipping on smooth metal.

Until recently, initial high price of such razors was repelling customers from purchasing it.

Of course, on the market there were before and there are now some cheap straight razors of «Damascus» steel and Pakistani production razors. Some of that trinkets even have interesting design, but it cant be qualified for more than rattles.

The first razor of this line, Gold dollar 66, had made a real sensation. Incredible dumping in the beginning of sales (in wholesale one razor was sold for 2-3 $) together with steel, successfully tested on hair cut test. That was a great mix, which allowed the brand to build its reputation and to continue the production of better razors.

However, even nowadays here you can buy the straight razor Gold Dollar at the price, which is three-times lower than in Europe (but the quality of steel is the same!). If you long planned to start shaving with real straight razor, but the high price always stopped from doing so this is your chance.

By the way, Japanese brand «Titan», which is elite in appearance and at the price, is also made in China. The popularity of Gold Dollar returned belief in ability of the country of victorious socialism to produce normal razors. Thats why «Titan» also found fans despite the fact that its cost is slightly different from the qualitative European analogues.

List of the comments:

2017-04-01 00:02
Metal is decent but Razor is not completed. You need to invest time if you want to have it cutting they way Straight Razors are supposed to.

2015-12-07 15:54
Very good Razor, especially for given price. But be ready to make some work with edge at start or give GD to master and you won`t regret it..


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