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Parker PTB $13.50

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buy Parker PTB straight razor with replasable blades
buy Parker PTB straight razor with replasable blades


Классическая бритва
Black Acryl
Shavette Straight Razor
165 mm

Brand: ParkerParker

Straight razor Parker PTB needs removable blades (for T-razors), which allow you to dispense with the sharpening and honing of the cutting edge.

In fact, Parker PTB is the perfect tool for those, who want to join the tradition of shaving with a straight razor, but not immediately ready to bear all the burdens connected with it.

The most difficult stage for any beginner is to maintain a cutting edge in optimum condition. An improper care of razor will simply discourage you from learning how to use it safely during a shaving.

Ability to change blades will allow you to discover all the niceties of using straight razor. It will also help to decide whether you want to spend large amounts of money for a much more expensive razor and accessories for it.

Most of the customers dont want to overpay for a straight razor with replaceable blades. At the same time, everybody knows that the quality affects the price. But now and here: the price is really low, while a lot of positive comments on the Internet confirm the high quality of Parket PTB. So, If you for a long time wish to try a straight razor, but not ready to pay high price, this razor should definitely become your choice.

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