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TI "Singing" $135.00

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Buy straight razor "Singing" Thiers Issard
Сделано во Франции
Buy straight razor "Singing" Thiers Issard Buy "Singing" razor Thiers Issard "Singing" Thiers Issard buy razor"Singing" Thiers Issard straight razor


imitation of tortoise shell
1/1 Full Hollow
15.9 mm (5/8 '')
Carbon Silverwing C135
straight razor
Straight Razor
comes with leather case

Brand: Thiers IssardThiers Issard

A razor blade is made of a new carbon steel of the best quality Silverwing C135. It has a lot of advantages, which are incredible sharpness, a hardness of 65 Rockwell and at the same time easiness in sharpening.

The term "Singing" (approx. Rus. Ringing, singing) means that the blade razor is the extra concave. It comes with improved "flexibility" in comparison with other razors while shaving. In addition to this, it simplifies the process of honing the tip.

The material of handle is transparent. Moreover, the color is like a natural turtle shell. There are engraved words «RASOIR FRANCAIS. Evide Sonnant Extra. Garanti. » on the canvas.

The width of a cutting part of the blade is universal of about 5/8 inch, which will fit all types of beards.

Warning! The razor is pre-sharpened at the factory. Even if this grinding is not enough for a perfect shave, the cutting edge of the blade is much sharper than most of kitchen knives, so be careful while unpacking the razor.

Razors Thiers-Issard have been handmade in France for nearly two centuries, and in the last decade, the French company has become recognized as a leader among manufacturers of razors around the world. That’s why the quality is excellent.

List of the comments:

2017-03-31 23:30
Thiers is a very gentle razor. Carbon C135 flexibility has a price - rust can appear truly quick if you don't know waht you're doing.


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