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TI Special Coiffeur $121.00

4.5 5 4 Product
Buy razor Special Coiffeur Thiers Issard
Сделано во Франции
Buy razor Special Coiffeur Thiers Issard Buy razor Special Coiffeur Thiers Issard Buy straight razor Special Coiffeur Thiers Issard Buy straight razor Special Coiffeur Thiers Issard


black plastic
Full Hollow 1/1
15,9 mm (5/8’’)
Carbon Silverwing C135
Straight Razor
Comes with leather case

Brand: Thiers IssardThiers Issard

A razor blade is made of new carbon steel Silverwing C135, which advantages are expressed by incredible sharpness with hardness up to 65 Rockwell and simple grinding at the same time.

Black acryl handle and engraved title on the working flat form great outlook of the razor. Brand, logo and the country of origin are marked on the neck.

Attention! Straight razors are factory pre-honed, and even if such sharpening is not enough for ideal shaving, the edge of blade is more sharper than most kitchen knives, so be careful during the unpacking of the razor.

Straight razors of Thiers-Issard are hand-made in France over the past two centuries and in the last decade French enterprise has become an acknowledged leader among the world’s best manufacturers of razors that once again confirms the great quality of their production.

List of the comments:

2015-01-21 01:37
My first razor, bought 3 or 4 years ago. Really cool razor! I was worrying that it's rather irritated to shave with straight razors, since I always used ordinary ones. And now, compared to them - it seems impossible. Don`t listen to advertisements – with decent control you`ll get the best shaving without any irritations or cuts, while whether you want this or not – skin is damaged by modern safety razors with 3,5,8 blades.


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